…100 from austin…

I heard about what the Austin Stone was doing as far as sending out missionaries.  They have a goal to send out 100 people from their church.  They want the size of their church to go down so that the size of Jesus’ Kingdom can go up.  That is counter to what most churches would want.  If this happens then I bet that the Stone will never have to have a building campaign because they are sending so many out.

I watched these today and they are powerful.  They tell a few stories of those who are a part of the 100 who are going.  Take a minute (or 30 to watch and be challenged).

What Anita says at about minute 16:00 I find extremely powerful, humbling and challenging.  And then from minute 20:00 – can you answer and say that Jesus is better than anything you could lose?


4 thoughts on “…100 from austin…

  1. Spoke to me, making me realize that wherever Christ leads me He is with me. I’ve gotta have zero reliance on self, all of it on Jesus.

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