redeem your rhythms…

If you are like me, one of the biggest questions that I have had concerning rhythms is, although you may enjoy and appreciate the idea of creating rhythms to do mission, you might have no idea how to incorporate one more things into your already busy and over-scheduled life. I get that. I hear that. It is something I’ve thought of too.

r-OVERSCHEDULED-KIDS-AND-STRESSED-OUT-PARENTS-large570I was there when I first started thinking about rhythms. I’m married, have 2 kids, work 40+ hours a week, work 2 different semi-part time jobs on weekends, host a dinner on Tuesday nights, and hang out at a bar every Thursday evening. So, how do I add one more thing to my plate without stressing out about how I’m not on mission? That is a valid question. It is. And I’d like to try and answer that question in 2 different ways.

First, I really don’t think we need to add a bunch of new things to our life in order to create mission-minded rhythms. I honestly don’t. Each believer already has rhythms, and all they need to do is redeem the ones that they already have. Simple.

You eat dinner, right? Invite people over for dinner a few times a month. Boom! Two birds with one stone. You take breaks in the break-room at work, right? Talk to people while you’re in there instead of having your face buried in your phone. Two birds with one stone. You work out each week, right? Run with a neighbor. Both of you need it and you can run much further with someone than by yourself. Two birds with one stone. Redeem the rhythms you already have. Its not that hard. (If you have further questions about doing things this way, see what Jeff Vanderstelt has to say in the clip below.)

Second, if you honestly can’t figure out how to make room for a new rhythm or how to redeem one of the rhythms that you already have, then you are probably too busy with the wrong things. If you truly believe that you don’t have time for people who don’t know Jesus to be in your life, then you are chasing pointless stuff. They may be good things. They may not be bad things. But if they keep you from mission, then they are distracting things. And that is not good. Not good. Jesus had something to say about people who were too busy doing things instead of actually loving Him (see Matthew 25:37-46). If you are going to get on mission for Jesus there is going to be some re-orientation of the priorities in your life. Jesus never told anyone who decided to follow Him to not change their life at all and to keep things the way that they were. He consistently had a challenge for them that called for action. If you can’t fit Jesus into your life, then your life is too packed with the wrong things.

Having rhythms in your life doesn’t need to consist of reinventing the wheel, but simply of redeeming the wheel you already have your hands on.


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