Homemade Wooden Coasters

I decided to make some homemade coasters this year as gifts for Christmas. I came up with idea in my mind, and with the help of my friend Paul, I was able to pull it off. And they didn’t really turn out that bad.

I started out with a 9×9 piece of Home Depot’s finest pine. IMG_0459-0.JPG

With the help of my friend Paul and his table saw, I was able to make 30 degree cuts down the center of the wood going in both a horizontal and a perpendicular direction. IMG_0460-0.JPG

Next I stained the blocks with Minwax English Chestnut. I didn’t wait but a few minutes cause I didn’t want them getting too dark.


I wanted to have small pieces of trim around the edge of each coaster. And I probably ended up doing this in the hardest way possible. I clamped a piece of trim (that The Depot gave me for free) to a table and used my coping saw to cut small slats and sanded them down.


Next I stained the cut and measured pieces of trim with Minwax Jacobean stain and wiped them off after probably 3 minutes. The worse part of this whole process was waiting for all this stuff to dry and set.


After gluing the trim on with good old Titebond, 3 coats of poly, and sanding in between each coat of poly with 320 paper, and here is how they turned out.






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