1512709_807328475959627_217051131_nI’m a simple guy living in Midtown Kansas City with my wife and two daughters and our community of faith.  The reason that we choose to move to KC is because we wanted to plant ourselves and be a part of Midtown Community Church.

Tiffany and I married in April 2008.  I’m told that it could have been a whole lot earlier if purposing wasn’t left up to me.  My wife knew I was “the one” a whole lot sooner than I did-what can I say, I’m slow!  I’m proud of my wife because she is a great companion, a great mother, and a great photographer (who comes highly recommended by myself).

Our first child, Riley Grace, was born in July 2010.  Our second, Kinley Joy came in April 2013.  I love being a dad.  Each and everyday I learn something new from them.  They make life a whole lot of fun.

My goal is to portray the gospel shine through all aspects of my life.  Being on mission with Jesus is important to me – it is what drives my life.  The place where this mission is carried out is here in midtown.  And life is what happens in the midst of all of that.

If you want to keep up with me even more than you are right now, you can follow me on  or .

**Everything that is contained here on this blog in written form is the brian-child, property and possession of Jay Sauser.  © 2010-2014


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