…one thing for the rest of your life…

When I was a child people would ask me the iconic question, “What do you want to do when you grow up?” I never said that I wanted to be a pastor.  I never did.  My dad was a pastor and it honestly seemed boring to me.

What kind of job was reading the Bible, preaching the Bible, singing songs, and teaching people about the Bible?  That is what he did and I didn’t want to do that.  I wanted to be a professional wrestler, or a GI Joe guy, or a ninja, or an artist for comic books, or something interesting like that.  Not a pastor.

And here I am…a pastor.  I’ve been youth pastoring for 7 years now come June.

I’m not being asked that iconic question anymore at my current age of 29 years.  Instead I’m being asked a different question.  Essentially I’m being asked, “If you could do one thing for the rest of your life and get paid for it, what would it be?” I like that kind of question way better.  But my answer isn’t as exciting as my answers to the other question asked when I was a child.

If I could do one thing for the rest of my life and get paid for it I would say: Talk to people.  If I could talk with people for the rest of my life I would love it.  I mean LOVE it!

Falling under that category of talking to people would be a few things in particular like teaching others the Bible, talking through the writing process, and having one on one conversations with people over a meal or coffee.  These are the things that I love and didn’t even know it until the fall of 2010.

I did some ministry coaching with a guy named Dave, who is now my friend.  He took me through a great process that has let me know what drives me in life, and what I need to do that will keep me moving and doing ministry.

So what about you?  I need to talk to people.  What would you do if you could do one thing for the rest of your life and get paid for it?


…the gospel according to coffee; part 2…

In Tuesday’s post we talked about the process that goes on with the beans in order to get actual coffee.   But we haven’t talked about the coffee (in liquid form) itself.  Well don’t worry because that is exactly what we are going to do today.

I know some people don’t like coffee, but I do.  At first I had a tough time with it.  I used to have to add all kinds of creamers and sugar to it in order to even down it.  It tasted just horrible.  I couldn’t handle it at all.  But now?  Well now I love it.  All kinds of roasts and all kinds to speciality drinks.  I love it.  A simple Hazelnut blend is awesome in my mind, and for specialty drink I love a Raspberry Americano (don’t knock it until you try it).

But in all honesty, what did I do in order to be able to enjoy this coffee?  Not much.  Someone else picked the beans.  Someone else roasted the beans.  Someone else ground the beans.  All I did was buy them and mix them with hot water in my french press.  That’s it!  And I get to enjoy this awesome, glorious beverage!

Some people don’t want to come to Jesus even after hearing the gospel.  And some people are running to Him when their hearts are pricked by the gospel.  Some people want Jesus and some people don’t.  With some it takes a while for them to come to the place where they will accept Him.  Just like it was with me and developing a taste for coffee; just like it is for a lot of people.

In the same way that I didn’t have much to do with being able to enjoy the beverage, I didn’t have much to do with enjoying the grace of God.  All I did was ask for it and it was mine.  His grace was freely given to me in my sinful state.  I don’t do much in order to get my coffee, and I also didn’t do a thing in order to get the grace that I wasn’t deserving of.  And not everyone is ready for at the same time as others.  It all depends on where you are at on the journey.

So there you go.  This post is me completing my challenge I had for myself.  Tuesday and today have been The Gospel According to Coffee.

…the gospel according to coffee; part 1…

picture from Wikipedia

There are lots of things that I love.  My Wife.  My Daughter.  Christ and His Church.  LostThe Office.  And coffee.  I really love coffee.  At different times in my life I like to try and challenge myself and see if I can pull something off.  So here I go.  This week I’m going to attempt to do some posts under the title of The Gospel According to Coffee.  It might take a while to get all my thoughts down so I am going to do this in two parts.

The process of making coffee is pretty easy.  Simply put the beans grow in different parts of the world and are harvested in order to be made into coffee.  And these beans are surprisingly called coffee beans!  They are harvested green and then roasted so that they are chemically changed into little brown beans.  Then they are then ground and mixed with hot water to produce coffee.  Simple right?

Now I know there are a lot more steps and details that need to be included there, but really, do you want to read that on here when Wikipedia probably does a great job at explaining it? (here is proof)  No you don’t – I didn’t think so.

The coffee bean doesn’t necessarily have a fun life from the perspective of a human.  First, they are plucked off their plant and thrown in a dark bag with a bunch of others just like them.  (Holocaust train rides anyone?)  Next they are loaded into a roaster where they experience 20-30 minutes of being around temperatures of over 400 degrees.  Then they are broken apart in a grinder till they are turned to almost dust.  Lastly hot, scalding water is poured of them.  And after the coffee is drank the coffee grounds are discarded.

Sounds like fun right?  Wrong.

I know of someone else though who was put through a very rigorous and painful process.  They too were beaten, bruised and taken out of the city to be “discarded.”  The process was a common one for that day, much like the process of coffee is today.  But the outcome of that event was much, much different.

And for that ancient painful experience I am very thankful.

Tune in Thursday to see part 2 of The Gospel According to Coffee.