…ode to the k-train…

Today is October 8th.  I really would like to write this tomorrow because October 9th is Mr. K’s actual birthday.  But I know that when Saturday rolls around the last thing I’m going to want to do is write a blog.  So, I am doing it today in order to make sure I get it done!

This blog is for Mr. K, Dr. K, The K-Train, the esteemed Dr. John Katsion, or as I’ve heard Johnny Bomb Sugar Lips, as he is called by his wife Peg.  I’m not 100% sure that last title is correct, but it is good enough for me to include here.   For the sake of confusion, I’m just going to refer to him from now on as Mr. K.

Mr. K is seriously one of my heroes.  I’m not sure if I have been affected by anyone in the same ways as I have with Mr. K.  In my life there hasn’t very many men who have cared enough to try and pour into me.  And I’m not saying that there aren’t a lot who care and have tried to help, but Mr. K is one who, I feel, always intentionally tried to push me, mature me, help me, and challenge me to become and man God wants of me.

Every few weeks in college he would take me out for chinese food.  I love chinese food.  And if he wasn’t taking me out for chinese, we would go out for mexican.  Now, I didn’t really like mexican in college, but I do now.  (Thanks to Mr. K introducing me to more and more of it.)  Much of the time was spent just asking me about life and what I was learning.  He would find certain things that I said and kind of dig into them and cause me to think about choices I was making.  I hated it, but I loved it as well.  It was the good kind of pain you know.

The influence that he had on me in college has stuck with me today.  When people ask about who has made an impact on my life Mr. K’s name is always one of the first to come up.  And it was because he cared.  Not only that he is one of the funniest men I know.  I asked him to be one of my groomsmen and by the time my wedding weekend ended, he had all the other groomsmen wrapped around his finger because he was so funny.  Every single one of them loved him and it made me so happy because I love him too.

That’s right Mr. K – I love you.  If you wanted I would give you a full frontal hug to prove it.  I would even kiss you on the…cheek.  Sorry I can’t promise anymore than that.  Thanks for the time, effort, prayers, and love you have given to me for the purpose of making my life better, and because you wanted the Kingdom of God to expand even more.  Thanks.

Here is a little video in your honor…I thought it was VERY fitting for a guy like you.  Happy Birthday Mr. K!


…greatest girl i know…

credit: Lisa HesselToday is a special day for me.  It is a more special day for my wife.  Today she turns 25!  Yep, that is right – she is a quarter of a century old.  Where has the time gone?  When I first met her she was a young buck at the age of 18.  Now she is 25.

I wanted to take time today and honor my wife.  I want to do this because I think she deserves it.  First off I believe that she is the prettiest girl I know.  She rarely doesn’t look good.  When she is tired – she is cute.  When she is angry – she is hot.  When she first wakes up – she is glowing.  When she smiles – I melt.  She is always attractive and beautiful in my eyes.

She also has a faith in God that has shaped and changed/matured my faith.  I’m a guy who likes to worry and be anxious about a lot.  But she will roll with the punches and lives pretty carefree because she knows God is in control and that He will provide.  I used to worry about seminary classes, money, my car, decisions, bills, paying for the wedding, etc.  And she would sit there and just say “God will take care of it.”  And she wasn’t just being trite – she meant it.  She knew that God would provide.  Today I still worry but not nearly as much.  Wanna know why?  I decided to listen to my wife, trust God with my problems, and watched Him provide for us in ways I had never imagined.  Her faith in God has matured my own faith in God to be much, much stronger.

I used to pray for a wife who would challenge me and encourage me in every area of my life.  I no longer pray for that because I got it.  Our 5 years together have been a lot of fun and I know that we have 65 or so years to go before we are done.  I love her and couldn’t imagine myself with anyone else.  Well, I guess I could imagine it, but I know I wouldn’t be happy because anyone else isn’t Tiffany.

I love you tiger.  Happy Birthday!