…i know i’m a bit behind…

I know that I am a little bit behind here, but I can’t believe how many parallels there are to the Christian life embedded in the Lord of the Rings movies.  I know, I know there are about a hundred books on this, but I am a little behind the times.

I wouldn’t call myself a LOTR fan…yet.  I might be on my way to becoming one, but I just don’t know yet.  We’ll see.  I went and saw the first movie in the theatre and was a big miffed when we got to the end and I realized that it was just the first part of the story.  I didn’t want to have to go and sit for more hours and hours to see what was gonna happen.  So I didn’t.

But friends and pop culture always seem to bring these movies and books up.  So when I saw each movie for $5 on Black Friday this year I went for it and bought the whole trilogy for a whopping $15!  Best buy of the day for me.

I’ve been watching them and loving them.  It is different watching them as someone who is now interested in them instead of someone who isn’t wanting to hop on the bandwagon like everyone else seems to be doing.

The parallels are too many to list out right here and now.  But what are some of your favorite lessons in the LOTR movies/books?



…i wanted to be rambo…

Growing up in middle America in the 80s wasn’t that exciting for me.  But there were times where it became a little bit brighter.  Like when I first discovered John Rambo – the former Vietnam Vet character created by Sylvester Stallone.  The first time I watched First Blood: Part 2 on TV in the late 80s I was hooked.  I mean hooked!

I immediately got a red strip of cloth and tied it around my head, took the jagged box top off of a box of Ritz crackers and taped it to a ruler to be my knife,  and ran around the outside of my house blowing things up with bombs made of old medicine bottles and string.  I was in love with this character that I saw who was able to take on all the bad that this world represented, and was still able to bring men home with him.

The reason that I wanted to be Rambo was because he defended his country, fought for them even when they didn’t care if he lived or died, and remained committed to his mission.  He knew who he was.  He knew what he was supposed to do.  He did what he was trained to do.

He was a soldier.   He was a machine.

Thanks to all the men who fought for me, so that I could grow up in a country where I could play with freedom pretending to be you guys.  Thanks.

Anyone else want to be Rambo growing up?