…do you ever wonder why?…

Has a time in your life ever come where you’ve sat down and asked God “Why?  Why now?  Why not now?  Why this?  Why that?  Why here?  Why there?”

My gut tells me that we’ve all asked those questions inadvertently or on purpose many times.  We want to know why God hasn’t answered a prayer yet.  We want to know why He hasn’t moved a stone.  We want to know why we still struggle with something so foolish.  We all have questions and sometimes the questions don’t go away.

If that is you – then let me introduce you to Josh Garrels – a singer/songwriter out of Portland, OR.  He has a song out that has garnered a moderate amount of attention called “Farther Along”.  It is pretty powerful.  It has been a long time since I’ve wanted to sit down and listen with a song on repeat.  This tune most assuredly fits in that category.  Go to this page if you want lyrics (and a free download), if not then just watch the video below and let the message in the music wash over you.



…my 90s music monday…

For some strange and uncanny reason I really enjoy the band Everclear.  The video is “Father of Mine” off their So Much For the Afterglow album.  I basically wore out their CD when I got it initially because a girl I liked really like them.  So I bought it and listened to it so we’d have something to talk about.  But the more I listened the more I liked them.

I think the singer Art Alexakis is a mastermind and genius, and the drummer kind of looks like Chandler from Friends.  So that just added to their coolness.  But this song is striking, hard hitting and leaves you feeling for all the kids in this situation.

(If you watch the video, beware of the “party scene” towards the end of the song.)

…my 90s music monday…

Although I had heard “Losing My Religion” while I was growing up, this song by R.E.M. was the first one I heard from them when I first started listening to music in the 90s.  The chorus and the riffs in here really caught me off guard and I love them.  Here is “Bittersweet Me.”