…for those who are wondering…

In case anyone has been wondering about the outcome of the box from last week, well it is now gone.  It has been picked up, put in the trash and resting gently under piles of other garbage at the Tulsa City Dump – where it truly does belong.

What about you’re box?  Has it been moved yet?

If not, what is keeping you from moving it?

(This post is in response to one that I wrote last week.  Click here to read.)


…i noticed something…

Yesterday I was walking to the coffee shop that I love so much – that of Shades of Brown.  It is the best on the planet.  But as I walked past I noticed something that I hadn’t noticed in a long time.  There was a box by the side of the Blockbuster that I pass on my way to Shades.  I realized that this was the very box that sat out near the curb on the weekend of Oct. 1-2.  On the side it had an arrow with the words “Garage Sale.”

It kind of caught me off guard because yesterday was November 1st and that means that the box has been sitting there for a month now.  No one has thrown it away.  Not even the people who first put it there.  No one has taken it.  It didn’t blow into the street and get run over.  It somehow blew from the curb about 25 feet until it reached the sidewalk along the Blockbuster though.  And I bet it has been sitting there for close to 3 weeks now.

It has rained, the wind has blown, people have walked by, and still none of us have done anything to take care of this box that is no longer being used.  We could use the excuse that we didn’t put it there, so we shouldn’t have to do anything with it.  Or we could say that because it is next to Blockbuster that they should take care of it.  But they didn’t put it there either.

But the fact remains that someone should do something to take care of it.  I stopped long enough to take a few pics on my cell phone, but not long enough to pick them up either.  So, what does that say about me?  I’m writing about it, but didn’t do anything about it.

But isn’t that kind of like us to let sin creep in closer and closer to where it can get comfortable, sit there, and be forgotten about.  Sin might start out on the curb and be dropped off by someone else.  But after awhile it will drift closer and closer to us until it is sitting right up against us.  And it has done it in such a way that it will be with in us for a month before we even stop to notice it.

Weird huh? Have you ever noticed something like that? We got to get rid of it people.  Were called to be holy.  Not to someday be holy, but to presently be holy.  Let’s get going.

…funny pictures…

So, it is 3:48 in the afternoon and by now my mind is kind of fried.  I can’t think of much to post.  But I do have funny pictures to entertain you.  Who doesn’t love funny pictures?  I hope this makes you smile.

Take care!  Have a good rest of your Thursday.

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