…your word…

Your word.  Giving your word is an interesting thing.  It can sometimes be the very thing that makes a situation easy, or it can also be the thing that makes it difficult.

Last Thursday morning I had an interview with Quik Trip Convenience Stores.  I got there, took the prelim tests, filled out some more paper work, and then went in for the interview.  It was a piece of cake, and afterwards I was offered the job and asked to start orientation on Monday afternoon.

Now you’ve got to understand that this wasn’t the only application that I picked up and turned in.  I had applied to the KC Public Library, Costco, Starbucks, another little coffee shop, and a cigar shop called Fidels (which a truckload of other places in mind).

On Friday morning I got a call from Fidels asking me if I might be interested essentially in being full time there.  But I had already given my word to QT.  Thus making the situation difficult.

The quick and short of it is that I would love to work for such a unique and eclectic place like Fidels, but I did give my word to QT.  They have benefits and in time they pay pretty well to those who stay with them.  They were the first ones to offer me employment and so I had to go with them.  I still would like to connect with Fidels somehow, but QT got ahold of me first.

I’m excited about what all could happen at QT because it is going to be different from every other job that I’ve done.  I think there are also going to be a lot of ministry opportunities there, along with chances for promotions.

All that to say, sometimes your word makes things easy, and sometimes it makes things hard.  But when you give your word – it is yours.  And your word is only as good as you make it.  I gave my word to Quik Trip and I’m going to make sure it means something.

What about you?  What have you given your word to?



…my unthankful thanksgiving…

I usually post on Tuesday mornings, but since I am going to be in a car most of the day tomorrow on our long trek to central Iowa for this Turkey Holiday, I decided to post at 11:25 at night on Monday.

Whenever the month of November comes around I start to think about Thanksgiving.  And each year through commercials, sermons, newspapers, magazines, blogs, whatever – people encourage us and tell us to be thankful for what we have, or for our family, or something else.  Well, this year you won’t find that here on the pages of Be the Gospel. I’m going to talk about what I am NOT thankful for.  You ready?  Here we go.

I’m not thankful for…

  • people who throw their trash in our garbage can at the end of the driveway after the truck has come by that morning.
  • jokes that people claim are funny, but really aren’t.
  • email forwards.
  • having to do the dishes.
  • missing out on opportunities to take a nap.
  • when there aren’t any blueberry muffins left at Quik Trip when I get there on Sunday mornings.
  • those crazy survey questions that show up on your Facebook wall from people.
  • days when I don’t get my coffee.
  • country music.
  • when someone misunderstands you – even though you spoke as clearly as you could!
  • speed bumps in parking lots.
  • getting a text message in traffic and fighting the urge to look at it…and to not respond!
  • fat and calories.

But as I sit and type this out, I’m finding that even this list of what I’m not thankful for has led me to realize what I really am thankful for.  I didn’t want that to happen.  I didn’t even intend for that to happen.  But guess what?  It happened.

Even though I’m not thankful for email forwards, I am thankful when I get a nice email from someone from time to time.  Even though I’m not thankful for there not being any muffins left, I’m thankful that I have the opportunity to buy muffins.  Even though I’m not thankful for doing the dishes, I’m thankful that Tiffany and I have dishes.  Even though I’m not thankful for speed bumps, I’m thankful for a car that can go over them.

Ask yourself what you’re not thankful for this season, and see if it doesn’t show you what you are thankful for as well.

Are you not thankful for something particular?

…craigslist experiences…

Today’s post isn’t going to be anything that is too deep or thought provoking.  I feel like doing something a little bit different, and very short today.  I sold a few things on Craigslist a few weeks ago.  A coffee machine/grinder and about 20 books.  I don’t like doing deals at my house – something about letting people know where you live isn’t that thrilling for me.

So I go to the Quik Trip down the street from us.  I just meet people there and do the deal in the parking lot.  But one thing that I’ve noticed is that it totally feels like I am in the middle of a drug deal.  I walk up to a car and hand them bag of stuff and they hand me money.  Then I turn around and walk away.  And they drive out of the parking lot.

I mean has anyone else had a similar experience with Craigslist?  Does it feel like a drug transaction to anyone else, or just me?