…your word…

Your word.  Giving your word is an interesting thing.  It can sometimes be the very thing that makes a situation easy, or it can also be the thing that makes it difficult.

Last Thursday morning I had an interview with Quik Trip Convenience Stores.  I got there, took the prelim tests, filled out some more paper work, and then went in for the interview.  It was a piece of cake, and afterwards I was offered the job and asked to start orientation on Monday afternoon.

Now you’ve got to understand that this wasn’t the only application that I picked up and turned in.  I had applied to the KC Public Library, Costco, Starbucks, another little coffee shop, and a cigar shop called Fidels (which a truckload of other places in mind).

On Friday morning I got a call from Fidels asking me if I might be interested essentially in being full time there.  But I had already given my word to QT.  Thus making the situation difficult.

The quick and short of it is that I would love to work for such a unique and eclectic place like Fidels, but I did give my word to QT.  They have benefits and in time they pay pretty well to those who stay with them.  They were the first ones to offer me employment and so I had to go with them.  I still would like to connect with Fidels somehow, but QT got ahold of me first.

I’m excited about what all could happen at QT because it is going to be different from every other job that I’ve done.  I think there are also going to be a lot of ministry opportunities there, along with chances for promotions.

All that to say, sometimes your word makes things easy, and sometimes it makes things hard.  But when you give your word – it is yours.  And your word is only as good as you make it.  I gave my word to Quik Trip and I’m going to make sure it means something.

What about you?  What have you given your word to?



…greatest girl i know…

credit: Lisa HesselToday is a special day for me.  It is a more special day for my wife.  Today she turns 25!  Yep, that is right – she is a quarter of a century old.  Where has the time gone?  When I first met her she was a young buck at the age of 18.  Now she is 25.

I wanted to take time today and honor my wife.  I want to do this because I think she deserves it.  First off I believe that she is the prettiest girl I know.  She rarely doesn’t look good.  When she is tired – she is cute.  When she is angry – she is hot.  When she first wakes up – she is glowing.  When she smiles – I melt.  She is always attractive and beautiful in my eyes.

She also has a faith in God that has shaped and changed/matured my faith.  I’m a guy who likes to worry and be anxious about a lot.  But she will roll with the punches and lives pretty carefree because she knows God is in control and that He will provide.  I used to worry about seminary classes, money, my car, decisions, bills, paying for the wedding, etc.  And she would sit there and just say “God will take care of it.”  And she wasn’t just being trite – she meant it.  She knew that God would provide.  Today I still worry but not nearly as much.  Wanna know why?  I decided to listen to my wife, trust God with my problems, and watched Him provide for us in ways I had never imagined.  Her faith in God has matured my own faith in God to be much, much stronger.

I used to pray for a wife who would challenge me and encourage me in every area of my life.  I no longer pray for that because I got it.  Our 5 years together have been a lot of fun and I know that we have 65 or so years to go before we are done.  I love her and couldn’t imagine myself with anyone else.  Well, I guess I could imagine it, but I know I wouldn’t be happy because anyone else isn’t Tiffany.

I love you tiger.  Happy Birthday!

…where I’m at…

Back in college when I would read 1 John it would always spiritually rip me apart.  I would find myself needing to change things about me and give them over to God to make me more like Him.  It felt like every time I read that book God would always be working on me more and more.

I feel in kind of the same situation right not, only with different circumstances.  My trust in God has been challenged a lot lately.  I have had to trust Him through all the junk and drama that has gone on this summer surrounding our church and Battlecreek and the pastor, along with figuring out how to be a dad, figuring out how to be a husband to a woman who is a new mom, deal with our car breaking down in the middle of Kansas, watching our dryer stop working, having our microwave die, noticing the bank account go down more and more, and now to see our pastor step down this past Sunday.

It has been a real test for me to trust God.  I have just felt a lot of different things these past few months that have caused me to really question a lot.  But through it all the question that keeps coming back to me is “Do I trust God?”  And the answer I have to come to is Yes I do.  I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t trust.  No one in their right mind would want to go through what we have.  If I didn’t trust that God was in this, I would have ran a long time ago.  But I haven’t, and it is because I trust God.  Some have claimed, that I don’t – but they are uninformed.

That is where I am at through all of this.  I will do my best to keep on leading the students and the student ministry to fulfill the mission of Revolution Student Ministry – which is to “Be the Gospel.”  That is what I’m about, and I hope it never changes.

(this is from our October newsletter at our church – Brookside Baptist)