Who would have known that this game would take the world by storm the way that it did a few years ago.  I wouldn’t have guessed so.

from SharpBrains

It wasn’t until last year that I finally hopped on the bandwagon.  My wife bought a sudoku book at a gas station to do in the car while we were on a trip one time.  After the trip was done, she taught me how to play and it caught me by surprise.

It was slightly difficult for me at the beginning, but after a few puzzles I went crazy with it.  I now love this game.

Since we’ve been here in KC I’ve played about 40 games of it or so in a new sudoku book that we purchased.

What about you? What games are you addicted to?


…guest posting today…

I was asked a few months ago (back in December or so I think) by Ben Zajdel if I would be willing to guest post at The Scandal because I had read some of their stuff and made some comments.  I really like what they have to say there, so I accepted the invitation immediately.

Today my post has made it to the blogosphere there.  Check out today’s musing over there at The Scandal.

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Thanks for the opportunity Ben!

…because i grew up in iowa…

I watched this game last night and had hung my head as Iowa let Mizzou control the second half.  I even tweeted my hopelessness last night.  But because I grew up in Iowa and am a fan of the Hawks, I have to share with everyone my excitement that we were able to pull off a Win last night.

The 4th quarter Int/Touchdown was the best play of the game!  Thank you Micah Hyde.

Sorry to all of my Mizzou friends and family.