…hidden in Him…

I wanted popularity, then I grew up.

I wanted a girlfriend, then I broke up with one.

I wanted money, then I spent it stupidly.

I wanted security, then my car was stolen.

I wanted fame, then I was humbled.


I search for more and more of things instead of more and more of Him.

If my life is hidden in Him, why don’t I live like it?


Today I am declaring “I want Him.”

And I know I can search for and find that.



This is my fifth contribution t .



What connects my heart to hers?  Heartstrings.


Its the way she smiles when she wants to get my attention.

Its the way she still gets dressed up for me.

Its the way she desires to win my affection.

Its the way she knows me that no one else can see.


Its the way I want to protect her against any harm.

Its the way I stare at her when she doesn’t know I’m looking.

Its the way I still think I can stop her with my “charm”.

Its the way I she stops me in my tracks without trying.


These are the heartstrings we share.

They are for us; no one else.

They are specifically designed for us and us alone.


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…is He?…

Is He under a chair? Nope.

Is He hiding in the cupboard?  Nope.

Is He waiting out in the forest?  Nope.

Is He behind me? Nope.

And yet He is.

He is under the chair, but not in the way we expect.

He is in the cupboard, but not hiding like we think.

He is in the forest, but not like we want Him to be.

And yes He is behind you, guiding you to the left and right.

He isn’t and He is.

That is the way He works…mysteriously.


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