Homemade Pallet Wood Box

I’m not much of a craftsman, but I am trying.  My oldest daughter, Riley, likes to go out to the garage and try her hand at it too.  We’re about at the same level so having her there is a bit intimidating. But that hasn’t deterred me. So together we are trying our hands at building…stuff.  Stuff being tables, frames, wall hangers and now a box.

Here is what I, I mean we, did step by step.

image 14

Here is Riley and I ready to get started, safety glasses and all.

image 13

I had a scrap piece of wood left over that was approximately 13″x17″. That became the base of my box. And a long scrap 1.5″x1.5″ were cut to about 14 inches.

image 12

I drilled a hole in each corner while holding a long piece underneath. Once the drill went through and marked the piece below, I drilled about a 1/4 inch into that piece and attached them on my saw horses with screws.

image 11

Frame all done and ready for sides.

image 10

I had a bunch of scrap pallet slats that I had pulled apart and cut into 10 17.5″ lengths and 10 14.25″ pieces. Here they are all laid out in the patterns that I chose so that each side of the box would look unique.

image 8

I drilled holes into each slat till I hit the frame, backed the drill out, and set it with a nail. I did one side at a time, no specific reason.

image 7

Because I was pounding nails in I cut and made a brace so that the frame wouldn’t break apart mid pounding. Here is a shot with 2 sides almost done.

image 6

I put 5 slats on each side but only attached 4 at a time. I waited till the end to attach the top slat so that the box would be more stable.

image 5

Here is the almost finished product minus the handles.

image 4

For handles I drilled a couple of holes in opposite sides of the box and thread through an old rope.

image 3

I tied knots, cut off the extra rope, and took a lighter to them so that they wouldn’t fray over time.

image 2

All done.


After I built it, I needed to find a use for it. So I set it next to our fire pit to hold all our starter firewood for future fires.

Thanks for checking this out.